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The Market Place

The area north of Jelling Kro, the so-called Market Place. A black dotted line shows the estimated course of the enclosure and the possible investigation area is marked with a red ellipse. Photo: Vejle Museum

In 2007, north of the churchyard in Jelling, Vejle Museum uncovered part of the northern course of the foundation ditch of the large four-sided palisade structure, which is thought to have surrounded the monuments at Jelling. The northern fence’s estimated course west of Tørringvej is dependent, however, on the assumption that the enclosure’s sides were straight, and that the fence continued to the junction with “the west fence”, the course of which was revealed in Vestergade in 2008/09. The aim of the 2010 investigation of the so-called Market Place north of Jelling Kro is similar to that of the Smededammen II excavation: to obtain further evidence for the layout of the fence and, if possible, to locate the large structure’s north-western corner. The location of that corner will be able to confirm or deny whether that the structure’s northern line also followed a completely straight line in the west, like it did in the east, and also whether this side is connected with the western fence line. The exposure of the corner is an important element of the overall understanding of the structure’s form and character. But it will also produce another length measurement for the palisade, of its northern side.  


The investigation is expected to be undertaken in June 2010. A number of 2 m wide north-south orientated trial trenches are planned in the north-western corner of the car park north of Jelling Kro. If remains of the foundation ditch are located, these will be tracked to the west for as far as possible, if the necessary permission is given, until the north-western corner is found. The foundation ditch will be sectioned in selected places to investigate possible traces of the palisade’s construction and soil samples taken to provide charcoal for C14 dating. 

Project coordinator: Museum Inspector Steen Wulff Andersen, Vejle Museum.

Part of the western fence line at Vestergade 3, south-west of the exhibition building Royal Jelling. Photo Vejle Museum.