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New knowledge

Gradually, as the Jelling Project’s results come in, you will find links on this page to news about the finds and investigations.

Prøver af jorden afslørede spor af menneskelig aktivitet, i modsætning til det billede vi ellers kender fra samtidens byer.

Soil chemestry in Jelling

The 4 Viking houses from excavations in Jelling in 2010-11 revealed few but clear traces of human activity, in contrast to the image we know from contemporary cities.

160 m of ”the east palisade”

On October 18 the archaeologists again started work north-east of Jelling Church.

An urn containing cremated bones from Jelling

Within one of the large Trelleborg houses inside an urn was found at the eastern end of the house.

Sensational coin finds at Hedeby

A number of coin finds at Hedeby  suggest that the old Viking trading  settlement, despite previous theories, may have actually been under Danish rule at the end of the 10th century.   

New boreholes at Jelling

Does the whole of the North Mound at Jelling date to the Viking Age? Are the Jelling mounds and the Many Mounds constructed from the same material? In the last two weeks of August boreholes will once again be drilled in Jelling and we will hopefully find answers to some of these questions.

Jagten på det tredje hjørne fortsætter

The third corner – new investigations

The search for the third corner of Jelling’s large Viking palisade began on July 28 at Smededammen.

I juli 2010 lykkedes det at finde palisadens nordvestlige hjørne

The Jelling palisade’s north-western corner

The excavations of the early summer have produced new knowledge about the impressive wooden palisade, which surrounded Jelling’s Viking monuments.

Plank next to plank – New discoveries from Jelling!

The most recent discoveries from Jelling support the assumption that the fence around the monuments, also called the palisade, was a very substantial structure. Clear marks from close-standing posts can be seen in the ground.

A trace of Arabian tales in Jelling!

The Kufic coin that was found in Jelling during the 2009 excavations has now been closely identified. Read more about the Arabic silver coin. 

Do we have the remains of Harald Bluetooth’s fortress at Jelling?

Over recent days archaeologists in Jelling have found traces of buildings from the Viking Age. Including this find, three c.23 metre long house sites of the Trelleborg type have now been revealed.

Is it traces of a complex built by Harald Bluetooth?

New post holes from the palisade enclosure

New findings during the excavations in Jelling. Traces of various buildings have already appeared. One of the buildings is especially interesting.. 

The palisade south of Gormsgade

Read more about the latest excavations in Jelling and see photos of the remains of the palisade enclosing the monuments.

Borehole samples from the mounds

In 2009 boreholes were made into the North and South Mounds at Jelling.

Find of a Kufic coin

Early in May 2009 archaeological excavations were begun at Thyras Have, immediately east of the North Mound at Jelling. In connection with these, Peter Hyldgaard from Jelling found a small, well-preserved Arabic coin.