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Fieldwork 2011

In 2011 the Jelling Project is continuing the archaeological and scientific investigations in and around the monument complex at Jelling.

As in 2010 the excavations are focused upon the area inside the large palisade structure, which encloses the mounds and church. A small excavation in the north-west is expected to give information about the utilisation of this area and in particular whether buildings are located here, to match those identified inside the north-east quadrant in 2010. 

An investigation around the middle of the palisade line will focus upon the gate that has already been identified, together with the structure of a building immediately to the south-east of this. Further excavation areas are planned north and west of the churchyard, where there are thought to be traces of the suggested ship-setting of over 350 m in length. The excavations will be undertaken jointly between the Jelling Project, Vejle Museum and Aarhus University. 

The central area around the church has a special role in the understanding of the monuments and the large palisade complex. The area around the two rune stones will be investigated by the National Museum and the Heritage Agency of Denmark as a stage in erection of cases which will enclose the rune stones. Small excavation areas are also planned respectively north and south of Jelling Church focusing upon the excavations carried out in the 1940s and 1970s.   

Investigations into the local soil continue in tandem with the archaeological excavations. These were begun in 2010 by the Department of Geography and Geology of the University of Copenhagen.