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An urn containing cremated bones from Jelling

By Charlotta Lindblom

Within one of the large Trelleborg houses inside the palisade structure at Jelling an urn was found at the eastern end of the house. Unfortunately the urn was not very well preserved, even though it had been placed in stone packing. As a result the conservators were called in from Vejle, so that the urn and its contents could be taken up in a complete block. The urn is now at the Conservation Centre and will be ‘excavated’ in the autumn. By then we will hopefully know more about its dating. Despite its placement there is little in the way of a direct relationship between the house and the urn.



September 16 2010



Plan of the north-eastern part of the palisade complex. The star shows where the urn was found. The Jelling Project.
The urn is x-rayed to gain an idea of its contents before ‘excavation’. Photo: the Conservation Centre at Vejle.