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Roberto Fortuna, 2006

In the years 2006-08 an investigation was carried into the condition of the two Jelling stones. This was possible thanks to a generous donation from VELUX FONDEN. The investigation was made up of several sub-investigations. These included an examination of the records in the National Museum’s archives, a climatic investigation, an investigation into the microbiological growth on the two rune stones and a small archaeological excavation. In addition, the form of the rune stones was documented using three dimensional light scanning, their geological origin was recorded and the present damage to the stones was registered.   

As the basis of the whole investigation photographer Roberto Fortuna took a series of photographs of the two rune stones. In contrast to earlier analogue photographs on glass plates and celluloid film reels the new photographs are digital. The individual shots consist of millions of pixels. Therefore they can be enlarged significantly, which makes it possible to record even the smallest microcracks and flakes, which are about to break off from the stones. In addition, such detailed photographs are an extremely practical work tool in the field. Here damage can be marked on the pictures before a total station is used to digitally record damage into a 3D CAD model.